How to troubleshoot various Bullguard antivirus issues?

: 05 October, 2018

BullGuard antivirus is security software serving its customers for over a decade now. The software has never failed to impress the users so far. But as it is based on many advanced technologies and features, therefore, it often gets its users stuck into some of the other technical issues and these technical issues cannot be handled without proper guidance or assistance from trained and skilled technical professionals.

In order to get the issues resolved, one can connect with the experts at Bullguard Helpline Number UK. However here in this blog, we will discuss some of the basic steps that can be easily followed by a user from a non-technical background in order to get some basic technical issues fixed:

• Firewall constantly asks for permissions – In this case check the option “remembers my answer” and then click on “allow” or “don’t allow”. After this, it won’t ask for permissions again.
• Internet gets disconnected after installing BullGuard – For getting this problem fixed, open antivirus, go to the firewall section, ensure that your internet browser is set to “Allow”.
• Applications not working after BullGuard installation – Open the antivirus, go to main firewall portion, click on the icon “application rules”, and set the option to “Allow”. A user can easily add programs in the application rules list.
• Attack warnings from Bullguard firewall - If you get to see the message that means the system is safe now. This message indicates that the attacker’s IP address is banned for 5 minutes.
• Internet slows down after installation of Bullguard - If in case internet slows down then turn off the firewall and then turn it on again this might get the problem fixed if the problem still persists then ensure that every firewall application is turned off. Once you get the windows firewall turned off then put your computer to reboot.

After following all the above mentioned troubleshooting steps for the necessary problems, the problem still persists and you are not able to resolve the issue yourself then ask for help and support from the trained and certified technicians. You can reach them at Bullguard Helpline Number UK.

Disclaimer: We are third party technical support all kind of technical issues that people face while using Bullguard likewise system slow speed, bullguard instalation & update, key activation and many others. We have expert and knowledgeable technicians who are highly qualified in this field as well as good at settling the issues.

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